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The following is common questions you might have about your tours. If your question is not answered here, please call or Email us directly. Other important information like payment, refund terms, cancellation etc. please click the “Terms and Conditions”.
Way of Book and Pay
Visa and Insurance
Health and Age
Intl. air ticket
What to bring with you
About call home from China
Transportation/Hotel/Food/Special Dietary
Extension tour
Tourist from Euro
1 How to book the tour?
When you fully agree with our itinerary, please click the link for the “reservation”, then print and fill out the form and return it to us. We will contact you soon regarding confirmation and payment information by email.
1 How Can I pay my trip?

Please click “payment” to get further info.

3 Do I need a visa to visit China?

All foreign visitors to China need a tourist visa issued by a Chinese embassy or consulate in their home country. For detailed things such as fees and rules, please consult with embassy or consulate where you live. You can also click “links” and find “China Visa” to get further info.

1 Do I need to buy travel insurance?
Most of our customers obtain such insurance. So we strongly recommend you buy this insurance for your tours.
1 How fit do I have to be to take your tour?
We don’t have really strenuous or athletic activities, but there are some amount of walking and step climbing at some places, so anyone with reasonable level of fitness would take our tour. On some of our tours, you might visit some area with high elevation. We will structure the trip so you ascend gradually. In general, we can adjust the activities to your individual needs.
1 Do you have age limitation to join your tour?

There are no age limits. We’ve received many family tours. We think it is a pleasure to bring your children for tour.

1 Do you arrange international air tickets to China?

No, all our clients need to arrange your own air tickets. When you are doing so, please inform us the correct entry and exit info.

1 Does your quotation include tips? Who should I tip?

We don’t include tips in our quotation. The usual standard for tipping is $5 per pax per day for the guide, $3 per pax per day for driver and $1 USD for one piece of luggage each time to check in or check out for hotel boy, but you may give whatever amount you wish, based on the service you get.

1 Should I bring cash or traveler’s checks or credit card? And how can I change money?

I recommend that you bring some cash, the others you may either bring travelers’ checks or credit card. American Express travelers’ checks are the most widely-accepted in China. Most of our hotels will be able to change money at the front desk. You also can change money at many Bank of China branches, but that may take your time.
Visa and Master cards will be accepted by hotels, government-run shops and some private stores. There is one important thing that if you intend to use your credit card in China, please inform your credit card company before you go, so they will know you will use it there. The Bank of China can make cash advances on credit cards.

1 Can I use small electrical devices such as battery chargers and hairdryers in China?
Yes, you can. Voltage in China is 220v. You need bring a set of plug adaptors and a power converter with you, unless it is built into the cord.
1 Can I get films and batteries for my camera?

It’s easy to buy standard color film in China, except for the new advanced format or panoramic cameras.
Standard batteries such as AA are available, but more unusual batteries for cameras and video recorders are not always easy to find. I recommend that you bring enough batteries for your entire trip.
If you use a digital camera, you should bring enough memory cards for your entire trip, because it will take your time to find them in China, or it’s not easy to find places to download pictures conveniently.

1 Will I be able to call home from China?

In most of our hotels, you can make international direct dialing in your rooms, or find a business center in hotel with telephones, which you can use to call home if you need to. Please be aware that making an international direct dial call from a hotel room can be expensive, so we suggest that it is an option that should probably be used only in an emergency. For your convenience, you can buy a Chinese calling card once you are in China that permits you to make international calls at a reasonable rate through an access number.


What sort of ground transportation will we use on your tour?

It will depend on the size of group before we decide what sort of transportation to use. We usually use a larger vehicle with more seats than the number of people on the tour, to make sure you are comfortable and have room for the luggage. The vehicles are private for your tour and non-smoking in the way.


What can we expect from the hotels we'll going to stay for the tour?

All hotels arranged in our program are in tourist, comfortable or deluxe class hotels. It all depend upon you which class of hotel you prefer to live. In the bigger, more developed places, we live in 4 star or 5 star hotels according to the Chinese rating system; in smaller towns, we use one of the best available hotels in town. All rooms have two beds and have an attached private bath (with western style flush toilet and bath and shower), heating and air conditioning(in smaller place there is no such things), telephone and a TV set. The best of all is their central location that we choose them carefully to make it very easy for you to walk around to explore the city.

1 What is the food like on the tour?

In bigger, more developed cities, hotels have western style breakfast, but in some remote areas, hotels only have Chinese style breakfast of dumplings, noodle or rice noodle etc. but our guide will get prepared coffee, jam, butter, black tea and bread before hand for breakfast in those places. We order a variety of meat and vegetable dishes or even fish where available for meals, so you will have an opportunity to try different styles of local cooking. The mouth-water experience is for sure one of the highlights of your tour!

1 Can you accommodate special dietary needs?

If you are a vegetarian, there is no need to worry about that. It is easy to order good vegetarian dishes and it is possible to avoid certain foods if you have allergies or other conditions. But We should say China is not developed well enough to accommodate every need. Please let us know in advance if you have individual needs or requests. We’ll do our best to satisfy your needs.

1 Can I arrive in China before the beginning of the tour, or stay longer after the tour is over?

Of course, you can make the arrangement for the extra days. We can arrange the extra days for you. Please click “extension tour” to find our recommended tours.

1 If we are from European countries like France or Germany, can you arrange us a French or German speaking guide?
Certainly, We have French or German speaking guides in our company. We can arrange you a guide who speaks French or German on your tour in China.
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