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China has 55 ethnical groups. Different people have their way to celebrate festivals. I recommend some main ones, you may likely put them in your tour. Some festivals are fixed according to the lunar calendar, not Gregorian calendar, so precise dates can’t be given.
A Listing of Main Festivals for Han & Minorities
Spring Festival (Chinese New Year)
Spring Festival (Chinese New Year)

Lunar New Year (late January-early February). This is the biggest Chinese festival of them all. Lasting six days......
Dragon Festival (end of May)
Dragon Festival (end of May)

Duanwu is Chinese for “beginning of the sunny season”. This holiday features “dragon-boat”tournaments......
Autumn Moon Festival (Autumn equinox)
Autumn Moon Festival (Autumn equinox)

A gathering to look at the full moon and to eat moon-shaped cakes.
Shoton Festival in Tibet
Shoton Festival in Tibet

Shoton Festival in Tibet (August, from the end of the 6th month to the beginning of the 8th month according to the Tibetan calendar)......
Corban Festival
Corban Festival (the 10th of the twelfth month of the Islamic calendar).

Corban Festival, an annual major traditional Islamic festival, is celebrated by Chinese minority nationalities that believe in Islam......
The Water-Sprinkling Festival
The Water-Sprinkling Festival in Xishuangbanna Yunnan (Apr. 12-14th )

This is major festival of the Dai nationality that comes about two weeks after Qingming Festival ......
The Third March Fair in Dali Yunnan
The Third March Fair in Dali Yunnan (April, the 15-17th of the third month of the lunar calendar).

This is a grand festival of the Bai people. It’s a fair and an occasion for sporting contests and theatrical performances......
The Torch Festival of Yi in Yunnan
The Torch Festival of Yi in Yunnan (August, the 24-26thof the sixth month of the lunar calendar).

During the festival, people put on colorful traditional costumes and sing and dance hand in hand around the bonfire to......
Sword Ladder Festival of Lisu in Yunnan
Sword Ladder Festival of Lisu in Yunnan (the 8th day of the 2nd lunar month).

Preceded the night before by the feat of running through the “sea of fire,” the festival honours the Ming frontier general Wangji......
Long Street Banquet
Long Street Banquet (Around the time of China’s Spring Festival).

The Hanis and Yis celebrate the Yangmatu Festival in honor of their heroes and pray for the union of Hani people and good harvest......
Jingpo Munao Zongge Festival
In the area inhabited by Jingpos in Dehong Prefecture , Munao Zongge Festival (Dance and Song Festival) falls around 15th day of the 1st month by lunar calendar every year, when every village will celebrate the festival. With a dancing ground.…
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